Ever since I can remember there were always cameras lying around at home.
My first was a hand me down Kodak Box Brownie, medium format, which always came on holiday. As a kid I loved the ‘magic’ of photographs &  even got to take my Dad’s treasured 35mm on a school trip around the Mediterranean in the late 70’s. I loved the feeling of looking through the old shoe boxes of photos and albums.  It wasn’t until I did my Foundation Course that I got my first Camera. A Ricoh 35mm which served me well until I really caught the bug big time and found a Nikon FG20 in the London Camera Exchange. That in turn led onto a F301, home darkroom, the works, and an obsessive desire to frame the Chalk hills of Southern England. I’m not sure how but somewhere along the line though the fire started to go out, and eventually the camera bag gathered dust in the spare room for far too long.
Digital cameras arrived at work but I was never really impressed with the quality. Then one day I came across a Kodak DX640, and the spark returned. Upgraded that a couple of years later to a Fuji Finepix 9500 and started to really enjoy the creativity of photography again. I started to sell a few pictures during open studio events and online but it’s really in the last 4 years or so that I really discovered what it is I want to capture & how.
Now my trusty Canon G12 hardly ever leaves my side and the images now number the 10’s of thousands annually. For me it’s all about trying to find that slightly different viewpoint. A  desire to find subtle abstraction and harmony of layout in the things we see often or take for granted.

Welcome, Devon, July 2013


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